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As if I didn't have enough things that all require my money this month, my brain has now decided that I need to upgrade my current iPod nano to the new iPod nano. As if my new iPhone wasn't enough. Thank you, brain.

Maybe I'll put it on my Christmas list for this year...

My BJD family has grown quite a bit since I last posted about them. I got my dark tan Bei and my light tan Isabella. And recently I've fallen in love with Fairyland Dolls; I've already added two Pukifees and one Littlefee to my group.

Here are the hoodlums in question:

We're helping!

The one kneeling beside the suitcase is my Littlefee Ante, Poppy. The smaller one looking at the camera is my Pukifee Zoe Peony. And the one headfirst in the suitcase is Daisy, my Pukifee Flora. Next time I'll post a picture where you can actually see her face instead of her feet.
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Hello, my name is Kim and I'm a BJD addict.

(Hi, Kim.)

Seriously, I had no idea how addicting this hobby could be when I first started out on it. I started out back in February with a BBB Isabella. Now I'm up to six dolls with a seventh on the way. Last month I special ordered a dark tan Resinsoul Bei from the Bobobie website (I'm planning on doing her up as Rue from The Hunger Games), and earlier this week I received the BBB March that I had ordered through Denver Doll Emporium.

And now I'm considering putting another doll on layaway through DDE, another Isabella in light tan.

So while I'm working that little conundrum out, have some more spam of my girls. First up a picture of Viola (formerly Rue). She's definitely the sophisticated older sister of my group.

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Next up, Posy.

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And last but not least here's the newest member of my group: Lily, a BBB March.

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Family Photo

And here's a group photo of all of my girls. From left to right - Lily, Alba, Posy (and dolly), Prim and Viola.

On a related note, it's funny to have the camera ask if anyone blinked after taking a picture of one of the girls.
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I had no idea that Storage Wars could be so addicting. Damn you, A&E... Must be because of my love for antique stores and flea markets.

"1985's calling, and it wants it's couch back." *snerk*

Speaking of flea markets, the Pec thing is in a week, and I've managed to get the day off of work so Mom and I can go. Can't wait.

And for a little change of pace, how about some BJD mini-spam? Allow me to introduce the newest member of my little family.

Posy and Dolly

This is Posy, my Resinsoul Yu. I've had her for about a couple weeks, but refrained from posting any pictures for her because I had absolutely no clothes for her. I bought a couple Barbie Kelly outfits off of eBay but they were way too small. All I had were some extra Moondreamers and Strawberry Shortcake dresses but those were short enough to be barely too short.
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Know how addicting this hobby is? My little "family" has increased by two.

First, here are a couple pictures of Rue.

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Up next is the first of my new girls, Alba. She is a white Resinsoul Bei I purchased secondhand off of eBay. Alba actually arrived at my house the day of my grandmother's funeral.

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Just to prove that I have no self-control when it comes to BJDs, about a week after I got Alba I bought Prim, a Resinsoul Ni, from Junkyspot.

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Now I'm debating about the next addition to my little family, either a Bobobie March or a smaller Resinsoul Yu. And that's not including the dark tan Bei I'm trying to special order from the RS website (if I ever hear back from them).
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This is proving to be a very addictive hobby. I've only had Rue for about a week and already I'm planning on getting her a "sister". Probably a Resinsoul Bei or Ni, since I'm so in love with the Bobobie/Resinsoul sculpt.
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So, I treated myself to a little post-Christmas present and purchased a BJD - a Bobobie Isabella - from Denver Doll Emporium.

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