ladyiapetus: (Killjoys: The Missile Kid)
Lady Iapetus ([personal profile] ladyiapetus) wrote2012-05-11 09:19 pm

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I had no idea that Storage Wars could be so addicting. Damn you, A&E... Must be because of my love for antique stores and flea markets.

"1985's calling, and it wants it's couch back." *snerk*

Speaking of flea markets, the Pec thing is in a week, and I've managed to get the day off of work so Mom and I can go. Can't wait.

And for a little change of pace, how about some BJD mini-spam? Allow me to introduce the newest member of my little family.

Posy and Dolly

This is Posy, my Resinsoul Yu. I've had her for about a couple weeks, but refrained from posting any pictures for her because I had absolutely no clothes for her. I bought a couple Barbie Kelly outfits off of eBay but they were way too small. All I had were some extra Moondreamers and Strawberry Shortcake dresses but those were short enough to be barely too short.

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