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Lady Iapetus ([personal profile] ladyiapetus) wrote2012-04-20 08:14 pm

Yet more BJD spam

Know how addicting this hobby is? My little "family" has increased by two.

First, here are a couple pictures of Rue.

Bobobie Isabella and Trunk

The trunk that Rue is sitting on was from my grandmother's apartment; Dad got it when he and his siblings were dividing up Grandma's stuff.

Bobobie Isabella

Here Rue is just chilling on the throw rug in our three season room - which, thanks to the addition of a couple space heaters, has become a four season room now that we've moved the spa outside.

Rue - Bobobie Isabella

This one is Rue in her new wig. This particular wig is one of three I bought for one of my newer dolls, and it turned out to actually work better on Rue than it did on her. I'll introduce you to the new doll in a bit.

Up next is the first of my new girls, Alba. She is a white Resinsoul Bei I purchased secondhand off of eBay. Alba actually arrived at my house the day of my grandmother's funeral.

Resinsoul Bei and Lamp

This is Alba without her wig, underneath of the end table lamp out on the three season room. Poor thing was without her wig for a while, because it took forever to get here.

Resinsoul Bei

And this is Alba with her wig.

Just to prove that I have no self-control when it comes to BJDs, about a week after I got Alba I bought Prim, a Resinsoul Ni, from Junkyspot.

Resinsoul Ni

This is a picture of Prim in her first wig. I did not like the look of this wig on her at all, and ended up switching her and Rue's wigs.

Prim - Resinsoul Ni

And this is Prim in the third wig I tried, the one that works the best. I definitely prefer her with bangs than without, just with the way her face is sculpted.

Now I'm debating about the next addition to my little family, either a Bobobie March or a smaller Resinsoul Yu. And that's not including the dark tan Bei I'm trying to special order from the RS website (if I ever hear back from them).