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Lady Iapetus ([personal profile] ladyiapetus) wrote2012-01-23 04:29 pm

More BJD spam!

Finally, after an emergency stop at the local dollar store, we have pants that fit! Never have I been so grateful for Barbie knock-offs. Unfortunately the wig is still an issue...

Watching Ghost Hunters with me. I don't think she's a fan.

And now we have a wig that fits! I definitely like the look of longer hair on her than shorter. It was at this point she ceased to be "Alba" and became "Rue".

Adjusting her new wig.

I got her a new dress to go along with the new wig, so Rue had to do a little posing.

This is proving to be a very addictive hobby. I've only had Rue for about a week and already I'm planning on getting her a "sister". Probably a Resinsoul Bei or Ni, since I'm so in love with the Bobobie/Resinsoul sculpt.