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So, I've been trying to read fic on FF.Net this afternoon but every time I click on a story I get "This is a fraudulent website" notices from my Norton Anti-Virus; doesn't matter what fandom or what story I click on. Is anyone else having this problem?

In other news, I'm fairly certain that the auction house ripped off my grandfather. Now that one of my cousins is renting his house from my uncle, a lot of Grandpa's stuff was put up for auction; there wasn't enough for an individual auction, so Grandpa's stuff was put in with another person's estate. For years there's been an Oriental rug rolled up under Mom and Dad's bed; since there's absolutely no chance of that rug being used Mom decided to put it in with Grandpa's things for the auction and take out whatever profit the rug made from the money Grandpa's stuff made.

The auction was last weekend, and let's just say that Grandpa didn't make as much as Mom hoped. We got the check today and Mom's profit from the rug makes up a good portion of the total money made from the auction. Needless to say Mom's pretty upset, because the money from the auction was supposed to go toward Grandpa's care in the nursing home.

And how convenient it is that my uncle and his family have been on vacation in California for the past week, and so missed the auction. I can't help but wonder if Grandpa might have gotten more money from the auction house if my uncle had been in town.

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