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Hello, my name is Kim and I'm a BJD addict.

(Hi, Kim.)

Seriously, I had no idea how addicting this hobby could be when I first started out on it. I started out back in February with a BBB Isabella. Now I'm up to six dolls with a seventh on the way. Last month I special ordered a dark tan Resinsoul Bei from the Bobobie website (I'm planning on doing her up as Rue from The Hunger Games), and earlier this week I received the BBB March that I had ordered through Denver Doll Emporium.

And now I'm considering putting another doll on layaway through DDE, another Isabella in light tan.

So while I'm working that little conundrum out, have some more spam of my girls. First up a picture of Viola (formerly Rue). She's definitely the sophisticated older sister of my group.

Window Seat

The weather was nice so I had my window open, and Viola wanted to sit and look out. Of course, she had to complain about how dirty it was first...

Window Seat 2

More looking out the window.

Next up, Posy.

Posy and her pony

This month's Pec Thing didn't pay off too well for me; all I got were a few G1 My Little Ponies. Posy loved all of them, but Wind Whistler quickly became her favorite.

RS Yu and MLP

Let's ride!


Beauty Shot

Prim's turn at the cute poses.

And last but not least here's the newest member of my group: Lily, a BBB March.

BBB March

Tried both the shorter wig and this wig, Viola's second, on Lily and liked this one the best. I've got a couple more coming from eBay to try out.

BBB March

Here Lily's just trying to look cute.

Family Photo

And here's a group photo of all of my girls. From left to right - Lily, Alba, Posy (and dolly), Prim and Viola.

On a related note, it's funny to have the camera ask if anyone blinked after taking a picture of one of the girls.