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In about two and a half hours 2011 will be over, and 2012 will be upon us. And it's been something of a year, at least from my standpoint.

If I had to pick a theme for my life during 2011 it would have to be loss and reinforcement of the things in my life that I don't have. This year I said goodbye to my cat Sassy when she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. My grandfather suffered a fall at the end of May and has been in the nursing home ever since, and for the first time I've been faced with the reality of my grandpa's mortality. Mom and my uncle have canceled his telephone service, his car has been sold and tomorrow we're going over to his house to go through some of his stuff. Which means that the possibility of my grandfather's house being rented out isn't that far off.

This year we celebrated the first birthday of my cousin Kara's baby boy, whose arrival no one (not even his mother) was expecting. Two of my other cousins became pregnant and are due in early 2012. My best friend of nearly twenty years and her husband welcomed their baby boy into the world after several earlier pregnancies over the years ended in miscarriage. Even though I haven't been able to visit them to see 2.0 in person yet I've enjoyed seeing every picture and video of him posted on Facebook.

This year my younger brother quit his job doing sound for his church and took another job with an audio/visual design and production company where he's treated a lot better than he was by the church. He moved into a new apartment with two of his friends from church and is currently in the process of going through all of his stuff in his soon-to-be former bedroom.

And where am I, at the end of this year, while all of my friends, relatives and former classmates are having kids and getting on with their lives? I'm 30 years old, childless, still single, working a part-time job (that admittedly I love and wouldn't trade for anything) and still living at home with my parents. And sometimes I just feel like suck a fucking failure compared to all of them.

This also seemed to be the year for LJ asshattery of the highest order. For the first time since I first created my LJ, since I paid for my permanent account, I've considered moving over to DW. I've already imported my journal and several RP journals over to DW, including all of my [community profile] milliways_bar and [community profile] theatrical_muse accounts. At the moment I'm merely crossposting from DW to LJ, and I haven't upgraded any of my DW journals to paid ones, so I'm not abandoning LiveJournal just yet. I'd hate to do it, because I love LJ. But as the asshattery seems hell-bent on continuing it may only be a matter of time.