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Lady Iapetus ([personal profile] ladyiapetus) wrote2011-09-23 09:01 pm

CSI NY 8x01

  • I like Claire. Can't we keep her?

  • Ah, and there are the opening credits. Thought they were forgoing, either just for this episode or the whole season.

  • Danny, you've got a little something on your upper lip, there.

  • OMG, Mac and Claire are so cute!

  • Mac, what the hell is this? This isn't you! This isn't what you do, what you are! Get your ass back to the crime lab where you belong! They need you!

  • She got out. But then she went back in. Claire, damnit, why didn't you just stay out?

  • Adam. Oh God, Adam. Don't ever change.

  • Aw, don't tell me this is gonna be another one of those episodes with just short little flashbacks of Sid in autopsy and no real scenes!

  • Kudos to whatever writer came up with the "Mike Black - 'White Mike', Mike White - 'Black Mike'" bit!

  • He was there when the towers fell? Oh, damn...

  • See, Mac? This is why they need you back!

  • And that makes 2 CSI shows this week to bring up "skeletinization". Wonder if Miami's gonna make it three?

  • "What's today?" Shame is, some people probably really are that ignorant in real life.

  • Yay, Sid! And damn, does he look good in a suit!

  • Yes, help the poor boy Lindsay. Lord knows he needs it. But on the other hand, awesomely touching scene between the two of them.

  • Yay! He made it! Mac's kick in the ass worked!

  • The opera tickets. Oh, the opera tickets...

  • For the last time, Mac, get your ass back to the crime lab when you belong, before Jo lets that office of yours go to pot.

    In closing, if you didn't tear up at least once during this episode, you have no soul. Just sayin'.
  • [identity profile] 2011-09-27 11:47 pm (UTC)(link)
    I don't think Claire went back in - I think she happened to be exactly where the rubble from the next hit fell.