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27 Jun 2017 09:06 pm
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Oh. You're back. Yay.

[ except she sounds less than thrilled. ]

To Soar Like A Dog

27 Jun 2017 10:49 pm
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Steven bounces through the door into Milliways singing, and then stops short. The place has changed! There are toys everywhere! And new people! And toys!

He loses himself in building fancy Lego castles for a good while before he remembers that he could be playing with toys while also drinking an ice cream float, which would clearly be even better, and running to the Bar.

Thoughts of dessert are driven away again by the viewscreen he's offered. Changing shape is something he's wanted to do since he can remember! He's used to seeing the other Gems transform, but he's never been able to so much as grow a few inches taller. He be a giant robot! Or a giant woman! or a giant stink beetle! But the screen is also offering him one of his Heroes, and so there's really only option. "Turn me into...Dogcopter!", he announces with as much drama as he can muster.

A few moments later, he remembers to actually tap his selection on the screen.

A pink dog flying with a helicopter blade goes racing outdoors, cheerfully shouting a very well-pronounced "Bark! Bark!"

((ooc:slowtimes probably inevitable and immediate, but I'll be around all week))

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27 Jun 2017 11:40 pm
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Crap onna crap cracker!
I totally spaced and forgot to put up Happy Hours for this week!
Which now include...

Today, or what's left of it.
Tomorrow, what some folks call Wednesday.

And now...Monday
And Tuesday of next week!
Because I'm heading out for vacation, let's just get an early jump on next week's stuff, just in case.

A'right! Have at!


27 Jun 2017 09:52 pm
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Joly avoids walking physically into the bar only because his cane hits a stool first. His attention is almost entirely on a his tablet, currently showing a screen of equations. His request for coffee is only automatically polite.

His concentration breaks when another screen floats over the tablet. He blinks a couple of times, then laughs and tucks his tablet into his coat. "Oh, this always catches me by surprise." Yes he missed all the building equipment. And the unusual visitors. And...maybe it's time he took a break from the lab, at that.

Besides the usual option of a different sort of human body, there's a little round mechanical ball of some sort ooor what is the fluffiest bat he's ever seen.

The more interesting choice is always the one that flies. He pauses long enough to write a (brief, technically legible) note for his friends, so they can still spot him for the next few days, and taps the screen. A moment later a flying fox bat takes off from the Bar and heads for the rafters.

((OOC: Slowtimes probably immediate, but here for a few days!))

The Hood #4

27 Jun 2017 09:00 pm
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Last issue, The Hood escaped with 1.5 million of stolen blood diamonds, but not until he accidentally shot a cop and his cousin John was arrested.Read more... )

Secret Empire #4

28 Jun 2017 09:14 am
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SECRET EMPIRE 4 may be our best-received issue to date, because a) Leinil Yu is a god, b) Hank Pym is the most interesting Marvel character. -- Nick Spencer

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He will not want to see me.

[Saber closes her eyes, expression shifting from hard to softly melancholy.]

That is...for the best.

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27 Jun 2017 04:48 pm
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I've decided to have another baby.

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27 Jun 2017 12:54 pm
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Sabine comes in and has to stop and stare at the changes to bar today. She's heard things like this happen, it's still a shock. In those few moments, she takes in the colors and the creativity, and just knows this will be one of her favorite holidays, even if there aren't any explosions.

(She can fix this if need be.)

Stepping forwards eagerly, she takes a tour of things before deciding she needs something to eat before she loses herself to an artistic fugue. 

Her choices are a man (and one not too hard on the eyes), an anooba, and a droid of some kind. The anooba is tempting, she's always liked Embo's, but she just ignore the droid's color scheme. Decisions, decisions.

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27 Jun 2017 02:55 pm
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Your Muse: Tara Knowles
Muse wanted: Jax Teller, Opie Winston, any and all SAMCRO members. Also for a PacRim AU both Beckett brothers, Herc, Chuck, Stacker, so on and so forth.
Community: bakerstreet, sixwordstories, psls, open posts
Fandom: Sons of Anarchy/Pacific Rim
Canon or AU: Canon and AU
Medium: Television Series and Movie
Contact via: PM is best, though here is fine as well.

It's been a few years since I've been on this account and I'm looking to get back into the swing of things, connect with some old friends I used to write with. Have idea a plenty for SOA AUs as well as Pacific Rim ones. So hit me up if you want to plot, or feel free to tag me in any meme you might see me in.

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27 Jun 2017 09:54 pm
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Yamato and Gabumon were both offered vidscreens of transformations as they settled at the Bar. Each of them has some kind of wolf mech, a keychain ("That's a bad joke," Yamato grumbles), and a few others. Yamato doesn't pick any of them, dismissing the vidscreens after a few moments of thought.

Gabumon does select one, and suddenly in place of a lizard is a young man with black hair, a hat, and angular features similar enough to Yamato's that they could probably pass for cousins or half brothers.

"Don't come complaining to me when you get tired of walking and can't just sit on my shoulders," Yamato murmurs.

Gabumon blinks at him. "But I can just sit on your shoulders."

A momentary scuffle later, Yamato is leaning heavily against the Bar, with the now nearly as tall as he is Gabumon sitting on his shoulders.
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"When we first conceived the current Silver Surfer series, there were three big stories we wanted to do. Galactus (#8-10) was the first. Shalla Bal (v2 #1-4) was the second. The third starts in Silver Surfer #11..." - Tom Brevoort

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canon is Chicago Justice

27 Jun 2017 01:02 pm
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Yes, I'm happy that Peter's here too. But did you have to have me embarrass myself in front of him? Especially considering what you're hoping for.

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27 Jun 2017 11:12 am
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Chirrut is moving more cautiously today. The room's furniture has changed dramatically, and seems to still be changing. The safe plan for today would be to have a rat deliver food and tea somewhere less... mobile, and relax.


Chirrut has never been a huge fan of the safe road.

He makes his way to the Bar carefully, and leans his staff against the Bar as he takes a seat.

Surprisingly, what appears under his hands isn't Bar's usual napkin, or simply a mug of tea, but a datapad, much like his translator upstairs. He reads, his frown of concentration turning in to a smirk as he learns what is going on, and that there will be choices. A robot, one that sounds much like K2SO that was. A woman, which briefly tempts him if only to find out what Baze's reaction would be. The third option, a lothcat, also tempts him... for much the same reasons.

The fourth makes him pause. He sits, tracing the raised letters, over and over again, thoughtfully.

(OOC note: Baze may bounce into any and all threads! :D)

Tinytag: Chirrut Imwe

Golden Hill

27 Jun 2017 06:32 pm
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To my great bafflement, it has taken this long for Golden Hill to be released in the US – a multi-award winning highly readable romp through colonial New York, you’d think it’d be obvious, but there you go.

Anyway, here is the main character, Mr. Smith – I roughed these out last year when I read the book, but have only just made them as pretty as I’d like.

Do give Golden Hill a shot if you like
  • fun
  • peril
  • interesting characters
  • meticulous research
  • very satisfying historical fix-it fic

Mr Smith is superficially similar to Moist von Lipwig, which made it a little difficult for me to get a grip on the book at first, because I couldn't see into his head as clearly as Moist's (whose internal world is what really sells the book, IMO), but boy oh boy that was totally worth it for the sake of saving the reveal for the end – the sort of reveal that makes the re-read at least as satisfying as the first.

I don't know about you, but I find most of my recreational reading these days ends up being very serious news and commentary about how much of a mess we're in. It's nice to get a break like this and lose yourself in another time and place, without being devoid of meaning.

Supplemental material – including a rather comprehensive catalogue of 18th-century slang – can be found on the book’s Tumblr.

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27 Jun 2017 12:11 pm
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The main room has been taken over by small construction models. A vidscreen message comes to inform Djehuty that Milliways is observing an important holiday of a race of mechanical beings; and would he like to try a different form?

He looks with some doubt at the options: a giant metal ibis, a young baboon, a TI-85 graphing calculator, a tall bespectacled human in a black suit, a rocket of the sort he recognizes from pictures of the first Moon landing. All very nice, but could this magic affect him? At any rate, he declines. But in the spirit of cultural exchange, he sits for an hour or two with a glass of wine and constructs a lego temple complex.

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27 Jun 2017 10:33 am
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 Perhaps...I should've stayed with Milo.

Off-Topic Tuesday!

27 Jun 2017 11:11 am
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In the comments to these weekly posts (and only these posts), it's your chance to go as off topic as you like. Talk about non-comics stuff, thread derail, and just generally chat amongst yourselves.

In the US, the new Healthcare scheme is being co-ordinated and planned in such cloak and dagger stealth and secrecy that the planning of the D-Day landings look like an information free for all by comparison.

The Supreme Court upheld, sort of, Trump's travel ban, until it's review later in the year, so we'll see how that one goes.

The British PM finalised a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party (a party more regressive than even her own Tory Party are) to shore up her minority Government for Brexit, and the cost of this compeltely cynical move? A snip at £1 billion pounds. And this from a PM who told a nurse that the Public Sector pay cap of 1% had to stay because "We don't have a magic money tree"... yeah, right.

A new mini-version of the Super Nintendo is being released in September for $80

This weeks Doctor Who, the first of the two part season finale (and last regular story for Peter Capaldi) was pretty damn awesome... especially if (like one lucky friend) you had managed to avoid ALL spoilers, because the reveals were very, VERY impressive. And even if you knew what they were, they were still capable of holding an emotional gut-punch.

Missy was a delight, in her trying to be good, but not really having the right attitude for it. (Oddly, and I only realise this as I typed that last sentence, in some ways reminiscent of Capaldi's early stories, where his social skills were... distinctly lacking and he ponders over whether he's a GOOD man)

The Cybermen should always reflect a degree of body horror of course, but I can't recall anything on this scale before (The proto-Cyberman screaming "Pain!" repeatedly and endlessly through it's voicebox, until a nurse comes along to tend to it... by turning the volume on the voicebox down... That's just HORRIBLE)

My one serious concern is that Bill does not end up being a victim of the reprehensible "dead lesbian" trope in TV drama, but I'm hoping that Moffatt's tendency to NOT kill characters will shine through and it might end up being something to do with why he's seen regenerating at the start of the episode. Am REALLY jazzed for the finale!

And to shift slightly more ON topic (which I really do try NOT to do), it's the last week of Pride Month, and whilst we may not have had a theme devoted to it, since EVERY month is Pride Month on scans_daily (Well, it is if we're doing it right), a big shout out to all members who identify on the delightful rainbow which is the LGBTQIA spectrum! You are all welcome, you are all celebrated and if some of you want to post scans on the topic, then fly my pretties, FLY!

Tuesday DE: Grooming

27 Jun 2017 12:03 pm
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 What do your charries regularly do about their hair / beard / clothes / shoes / general neatness of appearance?

I have recently found that this is the main visual distinction between my two Mads!faces, Hannibal and Galen.

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27 Jun 2017 05:59 pm
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Sinric comes down to the bar, laughing happily at the sight of all the colourful building blocks. He accepts his screen and smiles. "How wonderful! Thank you."

After a long moment of consideration he makes his selection.

There's a beautiful blonde woman with stunning cheekbones standing by the fire, singing softly and testing his her vocal range.

voice testing...

26 Jun 2017 10:31 pm
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Is that what I am to call you? Strange, but there are stranger things in this world. I am willing to test out this partnership and see where it goes.

Do not fret, I am sure you will be fine.

its been like a couple yrs fam

26 Jun 2017 08:16 pm
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I now understand what it feels like to be one of Umbrella's shambling corpses. Never mind the fact that you wished to dredge up my excursion to that little slice of hell.

Must we relive my "kindly town doctor" act? It's a little played out.
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Conflict is needed for drama. And in a group, there is that one character who is around just to cause conflict with the other characters. WEST COAT AVENGERS #69 is an example of when there are two characters there just to cause conflict, and what happens when they fight each other.

Story by Roy Thomas, with art by Paul Ryan.


Grudge Match )

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26 Jun 2017 05:07 pm
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 I've forgotten how to act human.

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26 Jun 2017 07:06 pm
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My show is done, so what is your reasoning behind me? There are plenty of others in my world you like like Rhodes, Severide, and others. Why not try them instead?

I mean really what can you or anyone do with me?

[canon is Chicago Justice.]
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Tavi loves Cubefall.

He has always loved Cubefall, he will always love Cubefall, he will teach his children to love Cubefall. There are construction toys like he'd never seen in Alera, which can do so many amazing things, and he teaches himself about robots and circuits whenever it happens. Cubefall is like being a child again.

(Except for that time he used Cubefall to do some strategic planning for the battlefield. Lego figurines are useful!)

But he admits to himself with some resignation that, with a two-month-old baby in arms, he probably shouldn't be playing with easily swallowable toys. (He also quite thoroughly ignores the screens, because he's busy being a father at the moment.) Luckily, the waitrats very considerately show him to where there are some nice, big construction toys, safe for an infant to be around while his father gets some relaxing play in.

Tavi is so delighted getting to start sharing this with his baby boy--even if Desiderius really isn't actually participating. Still. Baby's First Cubefall.


Meanwhile, R2-D2 is conversing quite happily with a waitrat. He is entirely happy with this place and its holiday, although he does appear to have opted out of a transformation. He's an astromech and maybe one day he'll be exasperated enough to try something new, but It Is Not This Day. Still, he is quite happy to help people find the toys they want to play with or even help with building as much as his capabilities allow.

This is a great holiday.


26 Jun 2017 07:12 pm
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Had a much, much better day at work. I did not realize just how badly I needed that vacation until I took it. Also, bless my understanding boss, and the coworkers who covered for me while I was off. :)

Still going to see someone about this anxiety shtuff, because a sustained spike like the one that hit me last week, including over much of my vacation time--wow. That was alarming even while I was in the midst of it, to say nothing of what it looks like in hindsight now that I'm a bit more clear-headed. Still dealing with low-grade anxiety, at that. This has honestly been years in coming, high-strung ball of nerves that I am, and I've reached the point where I'm done trying to function through it. My mother might have been able to bull her way through her anxiety until it stopped being an issue for her. I'm not able to do the same. I'm personally fine with that.

Now if I could only be fine with her not being fine with that. ... I'll deal with that aspect of things later. First comes actually getting my head sorted out. I've got an appointment for July 7, and between the aforementioned anxiety issues that are hopefully confirmed as brain chemistry errors and treatable with medication of some sort, and what I suspect are malfunctioning/low functioning depression meds, there's going to be a lot to talk about.

The worst of the sustained anxiety spike seems to be over for now, though. Whew. The time off work has helped the burnout issue, as well. Double whew.

The Hood #3

26 Jun 2017 01:04 pm
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Only possible trigger warning for this issue is some blood.Read more... )

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26 Jun 2017 04:05 pm
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I can take care of myself.

(no subject)

26 Jun 2017 11:29 pm
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Okay, my mental health is slightly in the toilet right now (sorry, everyone whose threads I've dropped! I promise to pick them back up ASAP), but I would be remiss in my nerdly duties if I didn't mark today.



Here's to twenty years of magic and silliness; of 'rocks fall, everyone cries' and Berty Bott's Every-Flavour Beans; of the Rotfang Conspiracy and the Order of the Phoenix; of badass older ladies and brilliant girls; of meddling old men and stroppy Gryffindor boys.

And here's to twenty more.


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26 Jun 2017 10:12 pm
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Hogwarts' caretaker-Headmistress is sat at a table with a large, very stiff drink.

She has new (well, newish) silver streaks in her immaculately-neat black hair, robes which still carry just a hint of singeing (she's been slightly too busy to visit Madame Malkin's just yet)...

...And a cupcake, decorated in Gryffindor red icing, with a gold candle perpetually twinkling away on top.

It's one of the first things to have made her smile in a while.


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26 Jun 2017 05:30 pm
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Rose enters the bar today and is excited to be greeted with the vidscreens. She reads all about Cubefall and looks at her given options very carefully. The robot looks kind of cool, but she's a little hesitant to choose any of the other options as well, until she sees the puppy.

She can't say "Yes!" fast enough and it isn't long before there's an irish setter puppy in her place. She bounces and skitters around happily for a few minutes and then comes to a complete stop. Then the barking starts. The puppy starts up running around again, growling and barking until it finds something it can take its aggression out on.

This couch cushion is gonna get it.

(no subject)

26 Jun 2017 04:26 pm
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It takes a little while for the AI that powers the Cybertronian screens to explain itself to Poirot. The entirety of this Cube Fall, from the arrangement of the Bar to the fact that this screen is responding to him in some fashion, is a bit overwhelming.

The offer of a new form is very overwhelming. Surely, he thinks, the Bar is magic and nothing could tell him otherwise.

Being a woman does not appeal (though he does laugh at the rather spinsterish looking lady the device chooses for him). Not does being a cat or an automaton.

The last choice...he lingers on that one.  On the photo of him as he was at the turn of the century.  Young, agile, strong.  It might be fine to be that man again, but with the mind of the great detective.

But that time has passed. "Non, my mechanical friend.  I choose to be Poirot."  But it might be a fine pastime for the next three days to see what others become and learn about them that way as once often learns from the disguise.

Harry Potter at 20

26 Jun 2017 08:45 pm
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Twenty years ago today, the first Harry Potter book hit the shelves. I didn’t pick it up for another two years, but I could never have guessed when I did so what a life-changing reading choice it was. I already knew I wanted to be an animator, but Harry Potter gave a focus to my energies, and the compulsion to draw anything I could from the books gave my drawing skills a necessary boost before college. Putting those drawings online (starting with the one above) made me, weirdly, one of the first Internet fan artists, and the friends I made and the following I gathered from that have been blessings for which I can never be too grateful. For someone who was such a pariah in middle/high school, it still blows my mind that I’m ‘popular’ in another sphere – what might have happened to me otherwise? So hard to imagine … And yet, so many people out there have similar ‘there but for the grace of Harry Potter’ stories they could tell. What an amazing thing to have brought such a catalyst into the world. Thank you, J.K. Rowling, from the bottom of my heart, for being such a positive force!

And no, it hasn't escaped my notice that I am once again compulsively drawing a dark-haired pointy-nosed bespectacled young Englishman ... one might almost be tempted to have Thoughts on this.

(no subject)

26 Jun 2017 01:33 pm
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[OOM: A believable lie is best couched in the truth.; or, a month passes. Sherlock is busy.]

The door opens from a long, brightly-lit corridor in a London hospital. Sherlock walks in wearing a hospital gown with a dressing gown over it, pulling along his IV on a stand. Technically he's only supposed to walk to the end of the hall and back -- but a little rest at the end of the universe should be fine, right?

He takes in all the changes, toys, and creatures that suddenly populate the bar in a glance. He sighs, wraps the dressing gown tighter around himself, and tugs the IV stand along to the nearest comfortable chair, which he folds himself into as best as he's able.

(no subject)

26 Jun 2017 12:56 pm
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When Barry walks into Milliways and sees the transformation of the place his face splits into a wide grin.


After checking himself over and finding no apparent changes, costume or otherwise, he heads for the counter.

"Hey Bar, what's going on?"

The screen that appears makes his grin widen further.

"For real? Awesome."

After reading over the explanations and rules very carefully he swipes over to the first offered reconfiguration. When he sees what it is there's no need to go any further.

"A robot cheetah? Are you serious?"

The change happens in an eye-blink and Barry is soon marveling at his new sleek and metallic form.

Perhaps a wiser, or less enthusiastic, person would wait until they were outside to give their new form a test run, but Barry refrains from such and immediately punches it.

The result is a spotted form streaking across the bar and slamming into a setup of Lego table and chairs with a loud, "MROW--AUGH!" followed thereafter by an, "Ow."

(no subject)

26 Jun 2017 12:03 pm
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It's noon. Or as close to noon as the asteroid on which Milliways was built ever gets. And as the not quite real sun heaves itself to directly overhead, the change sweeps over the building, inside and out. The entire Bar- walls, floor, furniture, everything- breaks out in a profusion of Legos, Capselas, Meccanoblox, and every other construction toy imaginable. And Ellen, who had been practicing hitting straw-stuffed mannequins with a hockey stick for reasons of her own, finds herself dropped directly behind the Bar. A vidwindow pops up in front of her, and in front of every other patron to enter:

Hello! Welcome to Milliways. Today, Milliways marks the Cybertronian holiday of Cubefall, the anniversary of the day upon which the Allspark first landed on the rocky world that would become Cybertron. Would you like to sample some possible reconfigurations? (y/n)

Ellen's has the additional line:

Since we're a bit low on Cybertronian patrons this year, you got nominated to do the explaining.

Ellen would say something about this, but she's got vidwindows popping up in front of her. And while some of them are okay, well...
Vidwindows! Yay! )
"The Genghis Khan thing is starting to get old, you know."

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26 Jun 2017 09:46 am
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Your Muse: August Moriarty
Muse wanted: Alistair Holmes, Emma Holmes, Milo Holmes, Bryony Davis, Leander Holmes, Lucien Moriarty, and anyone else! 
Community: sixwordstories, bakerstreet, fortanon
Fandom: the Charlotte Holmes series (A Study in Charlotte and The Last of August)
Canon or AU: Canon
Medium: Book
Contact via: Comment here or just show up! 

There's a small group of Charlotte Holmes muses on sixwordstories, but more would always be appreciated (by me, not by August, of course). I play August during his years at Greystone, but anyone from before (or...after, assuming there's something we don't know about the end of TLoA) would be welcome to bother him!

I have vague thoughts about shipping Milo/August at Greystone, but am also up for gen interactions and theorizing about A Case for Jamie (and also Alistair and Lucien terrifying August). 

Monday DE

26 Jun 2017 05:34 am
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 Tell us about someone who was influential to your character's development. 

ETA: This can be a person within canon, Milliways, meta as the player, or whatever inspires. Originally I had meant within canon and character POV, but run with it as you will.

Discord Outages

25 Jun 2017 07:58 pm
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If you find Discord unusually slow tonight, someone on Twitch accidentally DDOS'ed their servers. They're working on trying to kill the server they created, but with several million people flooding into it, they can't even get to the button to delete it.

Sunday Indulgences

25 Jun 2017 06:21 pm
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Sorry, y'all, I got nothing. You know the drill.

Tell us about your week in roleplay!
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Comics don’t rip off pop culture anywhere near enough any more. Krypto and Ace the Bat-Hound happened because of Lassie and Rin Tin Tin. Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD happened because of James Bond and the Man from UNCLE. Comics used to omnivorously devour whatever was popular and make it part of the mix. Usually two years too late, but they were in there trying. Kung fu popular? Have some kung fu heroes! Blaxploitation? Gotcha covered. But at some point, greedily chasing trends started to be frowned on. And the Big Two comics got to be a lot more about maintaining the old stuff than chasing the new. I think that was a point when comics lost a lot of vitality. If Pokemon had happened in 1965, there’d be a Spider-Man villain today named Monsteroso, who hunted & trapped monsters he used to do crimes. -- Kurt Busiek

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26 Jun 2017 12:45 am
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It's finally cool enough to sleep.

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26 Jun 2017 12:31 am
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The change of scenery is welcome, but Jim doesn't dawdle. He heads straight up to his suite, where he swims for a straight hour to relieve the tension threatening to build to dangerous levels. He feels much better when he comes back downstairs, even if he doesn't look it as he's dressed in (*gasp*) off the peg clothes, and an adidas jacket that's at least a year old. 

He takes a business card from his pocket, and touches it to the handle before turning it.

Nothing happens.

He tries again, and nothing continues to happen. The door does not open. Jim regards it coolly for a minute, then turns his head towards Bar.

'Do you know something I don't, darling?'

The silence implies an answer along the lines of so many things, so Jim rolls his eyes and tilts his head at the door instead. Well, if it's like that, it's like that. He tries another business card, and the door opens onto the Los Santos beach house with no problem at all. He frowns and closes it.

He doesn't like this. He shouldn't have left. But it appears there's nothing he can do about it for the time being, so he glances around the bar and then disappears back upstairs. He would not be good company just now, and he needs to settle on a hypothesis for what's going on. Because something is, and watching it from the outside is terrible.


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